This is for studio 34 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 1

Membership is transferable but non-refundable.  New card issue/transfer fee to new name 100,000 VND a time. The pass credit can be shared to join the yoga sessions together with family and friends, and it is never expired.

*** DOUBLED VALUE FOR MEN AND FOREIGNERS: we give 200% of the membership to encourage men and expats to come. Says a man buy 10 classes pass membership of any kind, he will be given 10 classes pass of that membership.

Day Time: classes from 6am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and all classes on weekends

5 classes pass

10 classes pass

50 classes pass

100 classes pass

vnd 450,000

vnd 800,000 vnd 3,500,000

vnd 6,000,000


Any Class Any Time – from Monday to Sunday

5 classes pass

10 classes pass 50 classes pass

100 classes pass

 vnd 750,000 vnd 1,400,000 vnd 6,500,000

vnd 12,000,000


Phu My Hung studio

Yoga Living Phu My Hung Membership is personal to the Member and is non-assignable, non-transferable and non-refundable. The member agrees to pay the dues and fees as stated on the contract, These fees and any prepaid monthly dues are not refundable, regardless of whether the facilities are being used.

1. Unlimited pass: 1 Month vnd 1,450,000, 3 Months vnd 2,990,000M, 6 Months vnd 5,394,000
2. Weekly 3 classes pass: 1 Month vnd 1,050,000, 3 Months vnd 2,850,000, 6 Month vnd 5,010,000
3. Weekly 2 classes pass: 1 Month vnd 1,000,000, 3 Months vnd 2,800,000,6 Month vnd 5,000,000