Welcome back to Yoga Living!

We are having only few classes a day for now in the first week, then we see if we will be able to open more classes to adapt to your need of class in every 15 – 20 minutes. Please come to let Yoga living know we can open more classes.

Your membership credit will be added a time length from May to October, the duration when our downtown studio for Covid. But we can not do this right now due to the lack of staff, Yoga Living will update as soon as we can. All vouchers, refunded membership and other enquiries will be back to roll, hopefully in a week or two.

To reopen, we issue a special membership of 10 any classes that allows the person to enter any 10 classes any time. He or she can bring friends or family with her and count the check in time in this 10 times/10 classes credit. This 10 classes pass is only for vnd 399,000