34 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 1, HCMC


Email [email protected]

Please use this for group booking, corporate contract, and workshop proposals.


Facebook click here Yoga Living

Please have this for photos view, schedule back up, quick text messages for emergencies.


Phone No phone contact from/to Yoga Living.

Phone is not allowed in classroom and limited in lounge.


New members

Please make sure if the rule matches your style.  Then of course please come to join us any time! No need to book and just drop in for a class. For long term membership,  please come to the studio, choose an option and pay the fee.

A class’s length is about an hour, designed for all levels and in easy-to-start mode, unless noticed “intermediate”. 20 minutes arrival prior to class’ start is necessary for the first membership arrangement and class preparation.

We run our studio in an easy mode, so just come in an easy mode!



Get to tab “membership”

We offer free classes, check Community Classes on the schedule.

For normal classes that visitors want to drop in, please see drop-in fee marked * on the schedule.


Current members  

Starting all classes on time is very essential in order to maintain good classes at Yoga Living. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your class to allow yourself ample time to sign-in and prepare.

“Rubber Time” is not a practice at Yoga Living and all classes must start on time. Once they start, not anyone will be allowed entry. Yes, we really mean to stop any late arrival member. Everyone has to go to the class before its start! No negotiation.



Members must check in before entering the studio for class even if you have reserved a space in advance. Your membership card must be placed on the reception desk. Our staff must check everyone’s membership card.
If the card is not able to be shown, consider to pay vnd 50k for a new one reissued.


Please be courteous with yoga manner

To staffs and other members at all times. It is yoga, please come with a positive mind for yourself and for all.



Please refrain from talking while in the practice room, use the living room for your comfort.



No food/drink in the classroom. Our living room is designed for your comfort. However, food with strong smell should be not brought in.

Meals should be avoided at least two hours before class. Little snacks and very light meals are okay but it is best to practice yoga on an empty stomach, because it is uncomfortable to have food in the stomach when you’re bending, twisting, and exerting yourself.

If you need to eat before a class, give as much time as you can and eat lightly; yogurt and fruit for example.



Car parking is available at basement 1 Le Duan, or the zoo gate opposite 11B Nguyen Binh Khiem.

Bikes entrance/parking are convenient at 11B Nguyen Binh Khiem alley, or the zoo opposite.



Please do not leave the studio while class is in progress. It is not just yoga, it is about respect to our teacher so please consider to take the class or not to take it in advance.

We do not accept busy people who can not complete the whole class. That busy people should not come to Yoga Living and better spend their busy time where they choose to!


Mobile phone – not welcome!

No phone allowed in practice room and its outside door area!
Please turn the phone to vibrate mode and keep that in the locker.
It can be used in the living room, but if having a hassle business conversation please find a place outside Yoga Living to complete!
We do not appreciate people who try to reach us by phone. Phone usage is required to be limited at our studio, it is normally noisy and unpleasant. We do not appreciate electronic devices, so please seriously consider this phone matter before coming.


Yoga wears 

While practicing yoga it is recommended to wear loose or stretching clothes. The clothes you choose should be comfortable and functional and not distract you from your practice.

Natural fabrics, like cotton, are preferable. This is especially important if you sweat a lot. If you wear a sweatshirt, wear a t-shirt underneath in case you become too warm. Wear comfortable shorts or leggings for supportive, yet unrestricted, movement.

Yoga pants or shorts are a great idea. When you choose the shorts, they should be relatively tight.


Yoga mat

Mats are provided at no charge, bring big towel to cover the mat if you want. Shower rooms are available.
Private mat is welcomed. Please have it with you when leaving.


Studio visit

Any time during our operation hours, from 6 am to 9 pm, just make an easy drop-in.